3 Reasons to need a Dry Suit Diver Certification

Diving with a Dry Suit makes you enjoy longer dives and, at the same time, makes you much more comfortable.
As a Dry Suit Diver you can dive in some of the best dive sites such as Silfra (Iceland) or Scapa Flow (Scotland, UK)

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A dry suit keeps you warm by keeping you dry.
We explain it to you:
Water conducts heat 20 to 27 times faster than air.
If you dive with a wet suit, the layer of water that enters your suit causes the conductivity of the water to make you cool and you cannot regain heat.
When diving with a dry suit the water does not enter it and therefore by not having contact with the water on your skin, the heat does not dissipate as quickly and you last longer without cold

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During the specialty course in Dry Suit you will learn:
– To put on and take off the dry suit with the minimum help
– Control buoyancy
– How many kilos of lead you will need and where you will put them
– How to prevent the air from going to your feet and making that you have an uncontrolled ascent
– Necessary care in a dry suit

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You do not need to buy a dry suit, you can rent it at Xaloc or at some other Diving Center … but to reserve a dry suit it will be necessary to show your certification.
Also if you buy a dry suit it is important that you train.
Can you buy or borrow a drysuit without having the certification?… It is possible, but… why put yourself in danger if you can avoid it through a course?

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