Advanced Plus: Nitrox + Buceo Profundo + Orientación + Barcos Hundidos

Exploration, Emotion, Experiences

This pack of 4 courses improves your techniques as a diver since they teach you the necessary skills to:
– learn why to dive with air enriched gives you more no-decompression time,
– explore deep dive sites by scuba diving
– better navigate using natural orientation and also compass navigation
– Learn how to explore and navigate in wrecks

Who can take this combination of courses?

These courses are perfect for those Open Water divers or equivalent (SSI, PADI, ACUC, CMAS 1 *, etc.) who want to continue advancing in their training as a diver.

Advanced Plus combination of 4 SSI courses allows to learn about Deep, Nitrox, Wreck and Navigation. This combination has two parts:

A) Training:  6 sea dives

With this 4 courses you’ll be able to
1) Learn why to dive with nitrox, as it has more oxygen content and less nitrogen it gives you more bottom time, along with enriched air equipment considerations. You will practice analyzing the oxygen content of your scuba tank and setting your dive computer to dive with enriched air nitrox.
2) You will learn how to navigate, including natural landmarks use and following compass bearings.
3) Learn why it is important to train yourself to dive up to 40 meters deep, with techniques such as descents, seeing how pressure affects different objects, compass navigation, ascents and safety stops.
4) Learn to review the guidelines for exploring and respecting wrecks, safety considerations for navigating and exploring wrecks, techniques to avoid removing sediment or spoiling the wreck and disturbing its inhabitants and diving in restricted environments
1) Learn techniques such as putting on and taking off your dry suit with minimal help, master buoyancy control using your dry suit and the procedures to dive safely when using a dry suit.

B) Theory

You should read the topics related to the four courses that you will be trained, and complete the evaluations and final exams of the courses.
The system used is online, that is, the SSI digital system – to start immediately. Each person studies at their own pace, through an interactive and easy-to-use program. You have access to the online versions of the manuals and you can complete all theory parts of the courses.


The price: is per person
Participants: minimum 1 person
Available days: every day of the week
Duration: 3 days but it is personalized depending on the availability of the diver and the type of course chosen.
What should you bring: complete diving equipment (except cylinders and weights)
Rental  diving equipment: complete diving equipment’s rental is not included in the price.Should you need to rent it, the total price is 20 €
Who will train you?: All Xaloc instructors are recreational diving professionals and have extensive pedagogical experience. And some of us are even Trainers, that is, we train Dive Instructors.
Mandatory: You must fill out the Medical Form and / or bring your medical certificate of aptitude for diving + you must have your own diving insurance (if you do not have one, you can contract one with us, € 6 / day)
Additional information: The dates of the dives by phone or email in advance

Price: 480€

Next dates

Wed 03/07/2024
Advanced Plus: Deep + Nitrox + Navigation + Wreck
Site: Xaloc DC Carrer Eivissa,1
Places: 4
Mon 15/07/2024
Advanced Plus: Deep + Nitrox + Navigation + Wreck
Site: Xaloc DC Carrer Eivissa,1
Places: 2
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