Crossover a Instructor SSIYou are already an Instructor. What we are going to do together is totally see and ensure that you learn, the entire SSI program and the differences with other certifying agencies and especially the one you come from.
You will make this program a fun and challenging learning experience… and we will introduce you to new skills and knowledge that will increase your capabilities as a diving professional.
Our team of Instructor Trainers is made up of Ramón Siliceo and Ricard Ciuró , who teach all levels of SSI Instructor courses in small groups , ensuring that everyone receives quality training with maximum safety and professionalism

The SSI Dive Instructor crossover for Instructors from other organizations includes 3 parts:

A) Previous Digital Learning

It is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to become an SSI Instructor in an easy to understand logical sequence.

B) Academic sessions

Include classes, workshops led by an Instructor Trainer and other interactive activities. They are designed to apply the knowledge acquired in digital learning in a practical and real environment. There is also a short general understanding test of the system.

C) Practical application session in the pool

This is the final component of your training, in the pool you will do a workshop interacting with your Trainer basically on the various climbing exercises

Important about the crossover to SSI Instructor:
We already know that you are an Instructor, therefore what we are going to do together is fully see and ensure that you learn, the entire SSI program and the differences with your own organization.
At the end of your Crossover, we will send your documentation to SSI to certify you as a new SSI Open Water Instructor.
In the event that you have certified instructor specialties with your organization, you will also be certified for those specialties as an SSI Instructor for free.

Good to know

The price includes:
– SSI Dive Instructor Crossover Course
– SSI Digital Crosover Kit
– SSI Professional Package
– SSI Professional Registration (74 €)
The price does not include:
– Accommodation and meals
Duration: 4 days
When the crossover is over, what certifications will I get?:
– The certifications that I already had with the initial organization that have the same in SSI, will
I have to pay for these certifications?:
– No, they are included in the price of the crossover
What should I bring:
– Complete diving equipment, (less tank and weights )
– Small office supplies, such as a pen, pencil, post-it, pencil and notebook
Mandatory: medical certificate and diving insurance
Additional information: The course must be booked by phone or by email in advance

Price: 1035€
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