Curso Extended Range Foundations

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The Extended Range Foundations Diving course really is the gateway to technical diving. It is designed to allow you to enter the exciting world of technical diving without having to make a dramatic change in your recreational diving philosophy.

Who can take this course?

The Extended Range Foundations Diving courses are perfect for those divers with at least Advanced or equivalent who want to continue advancing in their training as a technical diver.

Our philosophy is to create students who are competent, safe and capable of diving independently alongside another diver with the same, or higher, certification.

In general, we achieve the teaching objectives in the minimum number of days set, but you must understand that achieving the minimum level that we require requires a lot of effort, both on the part of the student and your Instructor and that is why we charge this type of courses per teaching day.
We should also point out that we will certify you once your Instructor believes that you have met the minimum standards required by both SSI and Xaloc and that you would be able to dive safely without a guide. We will not certify you if we consider that you have not completed the program for which you are registering with excellence.
Therefore, the approximate number of days marked in our price list is the minimum assuming that you follow the course by doing everything perfectly the first time. If you do not progress perfectly, you will have to add more days of training until you achieve it.
The price is €150/day.

The Extended Range Foundations course has 2 components:

A) 4 Confined water dives

During these 4 dives we will teach you the fundamentals of technical diving and you will practice:
– Signals used in technical diving
– Correct use of decompression buoys
– Propulsion techniques
– How to take your buoyancy to the next level
– Emergency procedures

B) Theory

You should read the topics related to this course, and complete the evaluations and final exam.
The system used is online, that is, the SSI digital system – to start immediately. Each person studies at their own pace, through an interactive and easy-to-use program. You have access to the online versions of the manuals and you can complete all theory parts of the courses.


The price is per person
Participants: minimum 1 person
Available days: every day of the week

Payment method:  300 € at the time of booking by credit card or bank transfer and the remaining will be payable on the first day of the course

Duration: minimum 4 days (days are customized depending on the availability of the diver)
What you should bring: Suit (preferably dry suit), wing-type Buoyancy Compensator, fins, 2 masks, reel and decompression buoy, two first stages, two second stages (one of them with a long hose), computer, whiteboard submersible and 1 cutting element
What the Diving Center will provide: cylinders and nitrox 32
Where will the course dives be done?: In a pool and/or confined waters in suitable areas on the Costa del Montgrí
Who will train you?: Xaloc has 2 Technical Diving Instructors with extensive pedagogical experience.
Mandatory: Fill out a medical form and/or bring your own medical certificate + bring diving medical insurance (if you do not have any, you can take out diving insurance with us for €6/day)
Additional information: Dive dates must be reserved by phone or email in advance
Minimum age: 18 years

Price: Consult
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