Identify where the problem is
I love learning psychology, and there is never a more satisfying feeling than quickly solving the problems of people who have struggled with Physics for a long time. Of course, it's not just the physics, it's also the majority of the dive theory sections, especially for Divemasters and SSI Instructors. Over the last few days, we have held an SSI “Science of Diving” workshop. It was fantastic! We have had remarkable results! But why do people have problems with theory in the first place? As always, the answer is often linked to psychology.

A common source of the problem
Confusion is often present in people's minds from the moment they enroll in a PADI Divemaster or SSI Instructor course. Let's take a closer look at the journey a diver takes to become an SSI Divemaster or SSI Instructor . Initially, it is common for a diver to take an SSI Open Water course. Your instructor tells you that the course is "easy", that the Knowledge Reviews are "easy" and so are the "Quick Quizzes". Of course the diver does not find any problem to perform all these tasks.

Later, after diving for a while and completing specialty courses and becoming Advanced, the diver enrolls in an SSI Divemaster course. This time, however, there is a big difference… at that point the diver is told how difficult the theory will be! Everyone who meets tells the diver that he will have trouble answering the theory questions. And of course ... The diver will fight her
I don't know why Instructors insist on telling Divemasters and Instructors that the theory is “difficult” when most of the time it is exactly the same as in an Open Water Course! Take a look at the Open Water Manual and you will find the principles of pressure-volume-density relationships. About 40 percent of all Physics exams are made up of questions about the effects of this pressure. How can this topic become “much more difficult” along the way?

How to solve the problem
Of course, there are many reasons why people struggle with theory. So the first thing I do in our workshops is find the root of the problem, I can't start helping someone before I have a good idea why they feel like they can't learn. It is exactly like going to the doctor, before treating you must know what you have. But whatever the reason, one thing is certain! There is no point in explaining Physics to people in the same way they learned before!
They KNOW they don't understand the subject! Therefore, it is crucial to explain in a radically different way than what you have seen before. For most of the time, I find that I don't "teach" anything new. In fact, I spend most of my time getting rid of the “Trash” that has been planted by many kind-hearted people who have offered help in the past. All the information in your head is "True" and is often relevant, but it is very confusing, often in the wrong context, and often not helpful at all. But it is easy for me to correct this.
If you have problems with scuba theory, you should no longer waste your time reading page after page about scuba theory. Learn more about how our "Science of Diving" Workshops can help you. Or you may also be interested in knowing more about our distance learning program. Contact for more information .
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