Are you Advanced and want to be an Instructor?

Now you have your chance. Xaloc gives you the necessary tools so that with the best diving courses in L'Estartit you can become an Instructor and position yourself perfectly in the diving industry, at the same time that it will open the doors to work as an SSI Instructor anywhere in the world. The “From Advanced to Instructor” program is specifically designed for Advanced SSI divers or equivalent from any recognized organization. During this program you will develop at first as a diver but later as an SSI professional During this program you will do the following courses and necessary dives:
Stress & Rescue Course
During this course we will teach you not only rescue techniques once a diving accident has occurred but, more importantly, to prevent possible accidents. During the course you will do: * Theory sessions * Rescue training sessions * Rescue drills
First aid course
We will train you in First Aid by doing the "React Right" course, which includes the management of a Defibrillator and also oxygen provider practices. The course will last 10-12 hours
SSI Divemaster Course
The Divemaster course really consists of the sum of the Professional Guide course + the Science of Diving course. The program consists of 2 parts: * Pool practices: here you will develop your skills with the exercises and you will learn to help our instructors in Open Water courses * Practical training: you will have a practical application of everything what you learned in theory and swimming pool, helping our instructors in real Open Water courses, Specialties, Rescue ... you will also participate in snorkeling trips or in programs to reactivate divers who have not dived for a long time and want to do it again.
Diving Science Course
This course is all theoretical and brings together precisely all the components of diving theory: physics, physiology, environment, equipment and decompression theory. Our SSI Instructors will help you understand all the components and thus make diving theory easy for you.
SSI Instructor Course
The Diving Instructor certification is the most demanded in any dive center throughout the world. In your Instructor course you will do: - Academic sessions : Include classes, workshops led by a trainer and other interactive activities. They are designed to apply the knowledge acquired in digital learning in a practical and real environment. - Practical application sessions : This is the final component of your training, where you will further develop the skills and experience necessary as a dive professional. You will develop and be assessed for your ability to conduct both pool and ocean training sessions, evaluate students, and promote SSI teaching and business philosophies for the benefit of the entire diving industry. - Finally you will participate in an Instructors Exam, which is a two-day evaluative program that examines an instructor candidate's ability, dive theory knowledge, skill level, understanding of the SSI System, attitude, and professionalism. Only those who meet the performance requirements of an IE earn the respected SSI Instructor certification.
How many dives are included in this program?
To be certified as an SSI Instructor you must have a minimum of 100 logged dives. Therefore, as you are already Advanced SSI, we will include the 64 dives you need to be a Divemaster Attention: if you come from another teaching organization, you may be missing a few more dives to reach the 100 mandatory: find out about the price supplements ( according to those that you already have registered in your logbook) necessary to reach 100 dives. These 64 dives include those required for the Rescue and Divemaster course, in addition to those that need to be done during the Instructor course.
Will I have any diving insurance during the program?
Yes, we will include a diving and RC accident insurance during the entire program
The price includes the rental of diving equipment?
The teaching package "from Advanced to Instructor" includes the loan of the diving equipment you need
Do I have to meet any prerequisites?
Yes, you must provide your ADV certification card or equivalent, your logbook and your medical certificate of no contraindication to diving for less than 1 year
What is the price of the complete program?
The complete program is priced at € 5,180
Contact us at 972 752071 or at to make your reservation
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