Curso de Guía de Buceo (profesional)

The Most Popular Professional Level Diving Course in the World

Do you like diving? Would you like to guide certified divers on their recreational dives? Take the SSI Diving Guide course and do what you like as a diving professional. Divers look to dive guides because they motivate others. As a Dive Guide you will not only dive a lot, but you will also experience the pleasure of watching other divers have as much fun as you.
Xaloc Diving Center is a magnificent place to do your course. Our experienced SSI Instructors will teach you with  quality training and with maximum safety and fun.

Who can take this course?

The SSI Diving Guide courses are perfect for those Advanced or Master divers (and also the PADI, ACUC, CMAS 3 * equivalents, etc.) who want to continue advancing in their training and have a very high level of diving but are not diving professionals. diving SSI.
The SSI Dive Guide course consists of two parts:

A) Pool and sea dives:

The SSI Dive Guide course teaches you to take charge of the diving activities in dive centers. Through exercises and seminars on techniques in the water, and through practical assessment, you will develop the skills to organize and direct these diving activities.

Topics and hands-on seminars include:
The appearance and characteristics of the Dive Guide
Relationship of the Dive Guide with the Dive Center
Diver safety and incident management
Evaluate dive sites
The Diamond of Diving SSI
Dive environment awareness
Organize and manage dives
Conduct dive briefings

B) Theory

You should read the topics related to the course you are going to take, and complete the evaluations and the final exam of the course.
The system used is online, that is, the SSI digital system – to start immediately. Each person studies at their own pace, through an interactive and easy-to-use program. You have access to the online version of the manual and you can complete the theoretical part of the course in this way.
In this course online theory is combined with the indications and help of the SSI Instructors of Xaloc diving Center

Good to know

The price: is per person
Method of payment: a deposit of € 50 must be made by transfer or credit card and the rest will be paid in cash at our Dive Center
The price includes:
– Digital pedagogical material
– Practices in the pool with your Instructor *
– Dives in the sea with your Instructor *
* The number of sessions in the pool or sea are established by your Instructor depending on the needs, your own capacity and the conditions of the environment
The price It does NOT include:
– Medical certificate of aptitude for diving (mandatory)
– Payment of qualification processing to SSI (€ 80) that the student will pay directly to SSI with a credit card
Where will the course dives take place?: Inside the Illes Medes and Montgrí Natural Park.
Who will train you?: All Xaloc instructors are recreational diving professionals and have extensive pedagogical experience. And some of us are even Trainers, that is, we train Dive Instructors.
Can I work with this certification?: Yes, this is a professional certification.
Once you are a Diving Guide (professional) you will be able to:
– Guide certified divers during dives in dive centers, dive boats, etc.
– Teach, supervise and issue recognition cards for SSI Snorkel Diver programs.
Days available: every day of the week
Duration: Flexible, with a minimum of 6 days, but it is much better to put additional days to this course, since in this way much more experience is gained. The course can be customized according to the free days you have
What should I bring: Your complete diving equipment
Mandatory: You must bring a medical certificate of aptitude to diving for less than 1 year + you must have your own Diving insurance (if you don’t have one, you can hire one with us, € 6 / day)
Additional information: Dive dates must be reserved by phone or by email in advance.
The Dive Guide (professional) must:
– Pay an annual fee to SSI
– Maintain an annual professional liability insurance
– Be affiliated with an SSI Diving Center with active status
Price: 520€
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