Obviously, you can search for lists of Diving Centers that operate in the Natural Park of the Medes and Montgrí Islands and call the first one that appears without thinking, but… choosing us is undoubtedly choosing one of the best existing options.
Let's talk about the Dive Center

* Reliability:
Xaloc has been operating in the area since 1996, we know our area perfectly and also our guides know each of the dive sites
* Safety:
We comply with all Safety regulations, both national, as well as those of Catalonia and those of the Maritime Captaincy of Palamós. We also believe that safety is one of the most important points to follow in diving and as operators, we take it very seriously
* Good rental equipment:
We continually change our rental material so that it is in optimal condition and we have girl and boy sizes in our suits, so that they fit better
* Good atmosphere:
It is not silly. We take your leisure time very seriously and you want to have a good time and have fun. We make it possible
* Price:
At first glance it may seem that our prices are more expensive than the others. But take a closer look at the quality we offer you, the experience we show you, the fewer divers we carry on board than many others.
All this means that our price has a very tight quality / price ratio
Let's talk about the Dives in the Natural Park

* Diving trips are adjusted to each diver
We have trips suitable for all levels and others only for expert levels. When booking we will tell you the schedules of the dives based precisely on the level you have.
We have many dive sites and we are experts in each one of them
* Variety of dive sites:
No dive center in Estartit offers the variety of dives that we offer. When some speak of “the coast” they speak of only 2-3 diving areas very close to the port. We go from Cala Calella to practically Cala Montgó (areas such as the Coves del Milà or the wreck of the “Marmolero”)
We are experts in our dive sites:
Ramón, our Technical Director has more than 3000 dives in the Natural Park, he has been diving here for 34 years and the bottom is known as “the dining room of his house” and that… it shows.
* Our guides are diving professionals, with Divemaster or SSI Instructor qualifications. They dive every day and enjoy diving every moment.
* Our “eco-briefings”:
Before each dive, we give explanations of each point and we also explain the most sensitive parts of each area so that we are more careful when diving in those points.
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