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  • Dive Guide Course (non-professional)

    The most popular NON-Professional level diving course in the world

    Do you like diving? Would you like to guide yiur family or friends (certified divers) on their recreational dives? Take the SSI Diving Guide course and do what you like without having the obligations that diving professionals have (such as needing legal liability insurance or making an annual contribution to SSI).
    Divers look to dive guides because they motivate others. As a Dive Guide you will not only dive a lot , but you will also experience the pleasure of watching other divers have as much fun as you.
    Xaloc Diving Center is a magnificent place to do your course. Our experienced SSI Instructors will teach you with  quality trainingand with maximum safety and fun .

    Who can take this course?

    The SSI Dive Guide courses are perfect for those Advanced or Master divers (and also the PADI, ACUC, CMAS 3 * equivalents, etc.) who want to continue advancing in their training and have a very high level of diving but they don’t want to be professionals.
    The requirements to access this course are:
    – Have the following certifications: Stress and Rescue Diver + Deep Diving + Orientation + Night Dive
    – Be at least 15 years old
    – Logbook with a minimum of 40 registered dives (attention: to be able to certify as SSI Diving Guide you must have a minimum of 50 registered dives)
    – Medical certificate of fitness to dive less than 1 year
    – Diving accident insurance in force (in the same way, if you do not have one you can hire one directly in Xaloc, cost: € 40 for annual insurance or a daily insurance at € 6 / day)

  • Curso PADI Primeros Auxilios EFR

    React Right (First Aid) Course

    You can save a life!

    React Right SSI training focuses on building confidence in lay first responders and increasing their readiness to respond when faced with a medical emergency.
    Course participants learn easy- to-follow steps for emergency care and practice applying techniques in a stress-free learning environment.
    All courses are supported by self-study manuals, videos, and quick reference cards to enhance learning and allow you to start learning immediately.

    Who can take this course?
    There are no prerequisites (other than being over 12 years old) or mandatory water sessions in this course – everyone will benefit from having this training.

  • Sidemount Specialty Instructor Course

    SSI Sidemount Specialty Instructor Course

    Exploration, Emotion, Experiences

    Your students always tell you that carrying the scuba tanks is tiring. Therefore many divers have already discovered the pleasure of mounting the tanks on the sides.
    Side mount diving offers your students flexibility and options to achieve a hydrodynamic position . Plus, they won’t have to walk around with the heavy bottles on their backs – they’ll just jump into the water, hook them up, and voila.
    Sound interesting to you? Sign up for the Sidemount Instructor course.

    Who can take this course?

    The SSI Sidemount Diving Instructor courses are perfect for those SSI Instructors who want to continue advancing their training as SSI professionals.
    The requirements to access this course are:
    – Be certified as an SSI Instructor
    – Be in Active Status
    – You must have a Sidemount Diver certification (if you do not have this qualification, you can take the combined Diver + Instructor course. Price of the combined pack : € 560)
    – Medical certificate of less than 1 year
    – Diving accident insurance