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  • SSI Open Water Diver Course

    Open Water Course “Basic”

    Exploration, Emotion, Experiences

    If you’ve always wanted to experience an adventure like no other and see the world under the waves, this is where it all begins. Get your diving certification with the SSI Open Water course – the most popular and recognized diving course in the world. Millions of people have learned to dive and discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this course.

    The personalized training in the pool and sea practices that we offer you at Xaloc Diving Center is combined with the teaching of theory and, in this way, we make sure that you have the experience and knowledge necessary to dive safely .

    What requirements must I meet to take the course?

    The requirements are:
    – Be at least 10 years old
    – Know how to swim
    – You must fill out a medical form (if this is correct, you do not need a medical certificate, but if there is any contraindication to diving, then it will be mandatory to provide a medical certificate of aptitude diving)