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Assistant Instructor Course


El Curso de buceo con atribuciones más allá del Divemaster

Este programa puede ser o bien como paso previo antes de convertirte en Instructor SSI o bien para convertirte en un perfecto asistente de los cursos que realice un instructor.
Al conseguir la certificación de Asistente apoyarás a los Instructores en la formación pero tendrás más independencia para poder enseñar tú también a los alumnos en algunas partes del programa Open Water Diver.
Trabajarás desde el principio para promover la formación de alta calidad, las prácticas de buceo seguro y los beneficios de la educación continuada

¿Quién puede realizar este curso?

Los cursos SSI Assistant Instructor son perfectos para aquellos buceadores Divemasters (SSI y también los equivalentes PADI, ACUC, CMAS 3*, etc.) que quieran seguir avanzando en su formación y tener un nivel más como profesionales del buceo SSI.
Los requisitos para acceder a este curso son:
– Edad mínima: 18 años.
– Un mínimo de 60 inmersiones en aguas abiertas registradas con un total de 40 horas o más.
– Tener la certificación de Divemaster con Status activo de SSI o una equivalente.
– Deberás traer un certificado médico de aptitud al buceo de menos de 1 año
– Seguro de accidentes de buceo en vigor (de la misma manera, si no disponéis de uno lo podéis contratar uno directamente en Xaloc, coste: 40 € para el seguro anual o uno diario a 6 €/día)

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The SSI Assistant Instructor course consists of two parts:

A) Practical application sessions in the pool and at sea:

In this component of your training, you will further develop the necessary skills and experience.
You will develop your ability to conduct academic and in-water training sessions, monitor and evaluate students, and promote SSI teaching and business philosophies for the benefit of yourself, the training center, and the entire dive industry.

B) Academic Sessions

They include classes, workshops and presentations of SSI diving courses, led by your SSI Instructor Trainer.
Many people are not natural public speakers. Speaking in front of strangers, even in a small classroom and on a subject you know well, can be challenging and intimidating. Preparing and practicing your presentation beforehand allows you to identify what terminology to use, where to incorporate pauses or inflection to emphasize important points.
The certified Assistant Instructor can teach the theory of the Open Water Diver course to their students, so that at the same time you will learn how to do it with the academic sessions.

Attributions of an Assistant Instructor:
Once you are Assistant Instructor you will be able to :
– Guide certified divers during dives in dive centers, dive boats, etc.
– Conduct scuba training from entry level programs under the supervision of an Open Water Instructor
– Assist an instructor and independently teach the Scuba Skills Update, Try Scuba and Perfect Buoyancy programs
– Teach theory and pool / confined water sessions of the Open Water Diver program with the exception of emergency ascent skills that must be done under the indirect supervision of an Open Water Instructor.

The price: is per person
Method of payment: a deposit of € 150 must be made by transfer and the rest will be paid at our Diving Center
The price includes:
– Digital pedagogical material of the course
– Practices in the pool with your Trainer *
– Dives in the sea with your Trainer *
* The number of sessions in the pool or sea are established by your Trainer depending on the needs, your own capacity and the conditions of the environment
The price does NOT include:
– Medical certificate of aptitude for diving (mandatory)
– Payment of qualification processing to SSI (€ 61) that the student will pay directly to SSI with a credit card
Participants: minimum 1 person
Who will train you?: One of our 2 Trainers.
Days available: every day of the week
Duration: Flexible, with a minimum of 5 days. The course can be customized depending on the free days you have
What should I bring: Your complete diving equipment
– You must bring a medical certificate of aptitude to diving for less than 1 year
– You must have your own diving insurance (if you don’t have one, you can hire one with us, € 6 / day)
– Documentation of first aid, CPR and oxygen provider training for no more than two years.
Additional Information: Dive dates must be reserved by phone or email in advance.