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Instructor Course in Equipment Techniques


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None of your students should miss a dive due to a minor problem with your dive gear.
Whether it’s a missing O-ring, a tear in your wetsuit, or a ripped fin strip, the SSI Equipment Techniques course will teach you how to perform basic repairs and adjustments.
Your students will also learn more about how the equipment works , be more comfortable with it, and be better prepared to take care of your investment.

Who can take this course?
The requirements to access this course are:
– Be certified as SSI  Assistant Instructor or SSI Instructor
– Be in Active Status

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The SSI Instructor course in Equipment Techniques consists of:

A) A series of practical applications:

You will learn how to explain to your students the routine care and maintenance procedures with the regulator, BC valves, racks …
Your Trainer will show you how to solve some problems with the equipment and will offer you suggestions for equipment configuration.
We also recommend ways to store your scuba equipment.

B) Theory

In our classroom we will review digital learning, the instructor manual, the training standards of the program and you will also make an academic presentation

Good to know

The price: is per person
The price includes:
– Theory training
– Practical applications
– SSI certification costs
Participants: minimum 1 person
Available days: to consult
Duration: 1 day, but it is customized according to the diver’s availability
Additional information: Dive dates must be reserved by phone or by email in advance