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Open Water Course “Platinum”


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If what you want is not only to experience an adventure like no other and see the world under the waves, but to advance in diving training, this is where it all begins.
Our Ope Water Platinum course is a combination of 2 courses: the Open Water Gold plus a Perfect Buoyancy course and, on top, we will add another dive in the Medes Islands Marine Reserve. You will do a total of 3 pool sessions and 8 dives in the sea, all of them from a boat

Millions of people have learned to dive and discover the wonders of the aquatic world through these two courses.
The personalized training in the pool and sea practices that we offer you at Xaloc Diving Center is combined with the teaching of theory and, in this way, we make sure that you have the experience and knowledge necessary to dive safely .

The Open Water Course in its “Platinum” version includes a series of pedagogical components that will make you become a high-level diver in a relatively short time

What requirements must I meet to take the course?

– Be at least 10 years old
– Know how to swim
– You must fill out a medical form (if this is correct, you do not need a medical certificate, but if there is any contraindication to diving, then it will be mandatory to provide a medical certificate of aptitude diving)

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The Open Water Diver course (``Platinum'') consists of three parts:

A) Theory

You should read the topics related to diving theory in the Open Water and Buoyancy courses and the practices you will do, complete the knowledge reviews and take the theory exams.

The system used is online, that is, the SSI digital system – to start immediately. You study at your own pace, through an interactive and easy-to-use program. You will have access to the online versions of the Open Water and Buoyancy courses

B) 3 Pool practices

You will do 3 dives in the pool, which will cover the 5 compulsory exercise modules.

During these pool practices you will do a series of exercises, both on the surface and under the water, using complete diving equipment, learning, in addition, to correctly assemble and disassemble all the equipment, supervised all the time by one of our certified SSI instructors. .

C) 8 dives in the sea

In the Open Water “Platinum” course you will do the 4 compulsory open water dives in order to be certified as a diver.

In each of these practice dives you will do the necessary exercises so that at the end of them, if your progression has been correct, you will obtain your world-renowned SSI Open Water diver certification.

Once certified, you will do 2 more dives in the Costa del Montgrí area corresponding to the Buoyancy course and 2 dives in the Medes Islands Marine Reserve.

Good to know

The price: is per person
Method of payment:  € 100 at the time of booking by bank transfer or credit card and the rest will be paid in cash on the first day of the course (payment by credit card or transfer will not be accepted)
Participants: minimum 1 person
Duration: 5-6 days
Available days: There are two ways to do the course, which can be done
– In 3 weekends, or
– During the week, starting on Monday and ending on Friday afternoon (or Saturday afternoon). tomorrow)
What does the price include?:
– The loan of the diving equipment
– The expenses of the SSI certifications
– The digital logbook
– SSI online pedagogical material
– Diving accident insurance valid worldwide for 1 year
– A total of 8 dives in the sea
– SSI Open Water and Perfect Buoyancy courses
What should I bring: Swimsuit and towel
Mandatory: You must fill out a form medical certificate (if this is correct, a medical certificate is not required, but if a contraindication to diving appears, then it will be mandatory to provide a medical certificate of aptitude for diving)
Additional information: Course dates must be reserved by phone or by email advance
Where the pool and sea practices will be?: The pool dives are in L’Estartit, on the Costa Brava, the training dives in the sea for the Open Water (4) and Buoyancy (2) courses are done in the Montgrí Natural Park. Once certified, you will do 2 dives in the Natural Park of the Medes Islands