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React Right Instructor Course


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CPR and first aid techniques are important techniques for everyone, not just divers.
As React Right Instructor, you’ll teach techniques based on guidelines for emergency care recognized internationally, and can offer this first aid course to anyone.

Who can take this course?

– Assistant Instructor of any recognized organization (SSI, PADI …) or be an active medical professional (doctor, nurse, emergency service personnel …)
-Be at least 18 years old
– Have a certification as a user of React Right or other recognized organization, less than 2 years

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The SSI React Right Instructor course consists of:

A) Active learning sessions

– Control of bleeding
– Vital signs and shock monitoring
– Burns
– Chest pain, head and spinal injuries
– Fractures and sprains
– Cardiac arrest and drowning
– Respiratory arrest
– Use of AEDs
– Oxygen Provider and use of oxygen equipment

B) Scenarios

– Fractures with conscious victims
– Cardiac arrest
– Accidents with multiple victims
– Use of the Defibrillator
– Use of oxygen equipment


The price: is per person
The price includes:
– React Right Instructor training course
– Pedagogical material for the instructor
– Payments to SSI
Participants: minimum 1 person
Available days: every day of the week
Duration: 1 day, but it is customized depending on the diver’s availability
Additional information:
– There is no additional cost for the React Right Instructor to renew the SSI professional fee annually
– At least 1 react right course must be taught every 24 months to keep the React Right Instructor certification
Important: Dates must be reserved by phone or email in advance