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SSI Advanced Adventurer Course


Exploration, Emotions, Experiences

Explore, feel new emotions while discovering new experiences. That’s what the SSI Advanced Adventurer course is all about. You don’t have to be “advanced” to do it – it’s designed to advance diving, so you can start right away once you’ve earned your Open Water certification. This course helps you build confidence and expand your diving skills through different Adventure Dives.
You will try different specialties, while gaining experience under the supervision of your SSI Instructor. You will log dives and develop skills while finding new ways to have fun diving.

Who can take the Advanced Adventurer course?
The Advanced Adventurer courses are perfect for those Open Water divers or equivalent who want to continue advancing in their training as a diver and who wish to enter the SSI teaching system.
The requirements to access this course are the following:
– Have the Open Water certification or equivalent from any organization
– Logbook (if you do not have one, we will help you create your digital loggbopk)
– Be 18 years old (if you have under 18 years, we can adapt your course to do those dives that are allowed by law)
– You must fill out a medical form (if this is correct, that is, there is no apparent contraindication, a medical certificate will not be needed but if it is not correct, then a medical certificate will be needed).
– Diving accident insurance in force (in the same way, if you do not have one, you can contract a diving insurance directly in Xaloc, cost: € 6 / day or € 40 / year))

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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”The SSI Advanced Adventurer course consists of two parts:” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” sub_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” margin_design_tab_text=””][/ultimate_heading]

A) The practical part: 5 dives

Buoyancy, Nitrox, Deep, Orientation and Wreck
– During the Deep Adventure Dive, you will learn how to plan dives to deal with the physiological effects and challenges of diving deeper.
– The Underwater Orientation Adventure Dive will hone your compass navigation skills and help you navigate better using fin cycles, visual cues, and time.
– The Nitrox dive will start you in dives with enriched air and you will see the differences between diving with nitrox and with normal air
– The Buoyancy dive will help you to demonstrate the benefits of good buoyancy control.
And the dive in a Wreck will help you experience the sensation of diving around a wreck.

B) Theory

You must read the 5 topics related to the Adventure dives that you are going to do, and complete, likewise, the 5 knowledge reviews.
The theory is done online, that is with the SSI eLearning system – to start immediately. You will study at your own pace, through an interactive and easy-to-use program. You will also have access to the sections of other Adventure Dives in case you want to advance more in your knowledge as a diver.

(If you are under 18 years of age, we must change some of these dives and add others to adapt to current legislation)

[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design04″ color_scheme=”red” package_heading=”Good to know” use_cta_btn=”true” package_btn_text=”Book now” package_link=”url:%2Fproducto%2Fcurso-padi-advanced%2F%3Fadd-to-cart%3D2695|||” button_font_style=”font-weight:bold;”]The price: is per person
Participants: minimum 1 person
Available days: every day of the week
Duration: minimum 2 days, but it is personalized according to the availability of the diver
What does the price include?:
– SSI certification fees
– The SSI online pedagogical material
– The 5 dives in the sea
What you should bring: The diving equipment you may have
Where will the course dives be held?: Within the Illes Medes and Montgrí Natural Park, specifically four of them in areas of the Montgrí Coast, for reasons of protection of the Marine Environment and one of them in the Medes Islands
Who will train you?: All Xaloc instructors are recreational diving professionals and have extensive pedagogical experience. And some of us are even Trainers, that is, we train Dive Instructors.
Mandatory: You must sign a medical form and / or bring your medical certificate + you must have diving insurance (if you do not have diving insurance you can contract one with us at € 6 / day or € 17 / week)
Additional information: You must contact with us to reserve the dates of the dives, by phone or by email in advance[/ultimate_info_table]