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SSI Instructor Course (for Assistant Instructors)


The most comprehensive Dive Instructor Course in the world

If you like people, have a passion for diving and want an extraordinary life – become an SSI Instructor. Teaching to dive allows you to share your love for the aquatic kingdom with others while doing what you enjoy – being in, and under the water. SSI Instructors are highly sought-after dive professionals around the world.

Xaloc Diving Center the perfect Diving Center to do your SSI Diving Instructor course.
Our teaching team, made up of 2 experienced SSI Instructor Trainers , Ramón Siliceo and Ricard Ciuró, teaches all levels of SSI Instructor courses in small groups , ensuring that everyone receives quality training with maximum safety and professionalism

Who can take this course?

SSI Instructor courses are perfect for those SSI Assistant Instructors or equivalent from other organizations who want to continue advancing their training and become SSI diving teaching professionals.
The requirements to access this course are:
– Have the aforementioned certification
– Have a First Aid certification or diploma from a recognized organization (React Right preferably), less than 2 years old
– Logbook with a minimum of 75 logged dives (attention: To be able to take the Instructor exams, you must have a minimum of 100 registered dives)
– Be at least 18 years old
– Medical certificate of less than 1 year (if you do not have one, you can do it directly here in L’Estartit, since there are medical centers with specialists in underwater medicine)
– Diving accident insurance in force (in the same way, If you do not have one, you can hire one directly in Xaloc, cost: € 40 for annual insurance or a daily one at € 6 / day)

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The SSI Diving Instructor course for Assistant Instructors at Xaloc Diving Center consists of 4 parts:

A) Digital Learning

It is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to become a Professional Instructor in an easy-to-understand logical sequence.

B) Academic sessions

They include classes, workshops led by a Trainer and other interactive activities. They are designed to apply the knowledge acquired in digital learning in a practical and real environment.

C) Practical application sessions

This is the final component of your training, where you will further develop the skills and experience necessary as a dive professional. You will develop and be assessed for your ability to conduct both pool and ocean training sessions, evaluate students, and promote SSI teaching and business philosophies for the benefit of the entire diving industry.

D) Instructor Exam:

An Instructors Exam is a two-day evaluative program that tests an instructor candidate’s ability, dive theory knowledge, skill level, understanding of the SSI System, attitude, and professionalism.
Only those who meet the performance requirements of an IE earn the respected SSI Instructor certification.

Good to know

The price includes:
– SSI Diving Instructor Course
– SSI Professional Registration
– SSI Instructor Exams
The price does not include:
– Accommodation and meals
Duration: 6 days + 2 for the Exams
When I finish the exams, what certifications will I get?:
– SSI Instructor
– SSI Nitrox Instructor
– SSI Perfect Buoyancy Instructor
What should I bring:
– SSI App + online pedagogical material as Assistant Instructor
– Complete diving equipment, including decompression buoy, pocket mask and compass
– Small office supplies, such as pen, pencil, post-it, pencil and notebook
Mandatory: medical certificate and diving insurance
Additional information: The course must be booked by phone or by email in advance

Frequent Asked Questions

Will I learn new things?
Of course, you will not only improve your diving theory, but you will learn improved diving techniques, you will gain more self-esteem, you will be able to speak better in public …

Will I be able to get a job once I am an SSI Dive Instructor?
We cannot assure you, but every day new job offers for Instructors are published on the SSI professional page in many parts of the world.
Ramón will personally advise you on how to improve your CV and will assist you to achieve the job you are looking for, either in local or international Diving Centers.

Will I pass the Instructors Exam?
We would be lying if we assured you. But, in recent years, none of our Instructor candidates have failed the exams. Most certainly because we have a very refined training system in which, without you noticing, we are modeling you as an Instructor SSI … and the exams are just one more small step to overcome.

I am an Instructor from another organization… do I have to do the entire program?
No. We are convinced that you have become an Instructor based on a great effort, and we recognize this effort immediately.
You just have to do an SSI Instructor Crossover. We will teach you what SSI is and we can make you a better Instructor, with more job opportunities around the world

The Instructor Courses seem to be very inflexible in their dates… Can I choose dates?
Obviously, doing an SSI Diving Instructor Course takes a few days and is linked to fixed exam dates. But… if the published dates are difficult for you… talk to us and we will find the best way for you to become an SSI Diving Instructor

Available Dates 2021

Instructor Course Dates for Assistant Instructors

From April 20 to 27
From May 18 to 35
From October 19 to 26
From November 23 to 29
Dates include Instructor exam days