The sea is a sensitive resource and at Xaloc Diving Centre we believe in responsible diving and for that reason we apply good business methods when it comes to organising our diving trips and our diving courses

We are part of the ECST (European Charter of Sustainable Tourism), that distinguishes those companies that make an effort to make their activity sustainable. This recognition is much more than a sign of quality, because it guaranties an authentic collaboration between the company and the Natural Park in the development of sustainable tourism.

Good Techniques at Xaloc Diving Centre

– We apply environmental criteria, like the residue management and  the reduction of energy use                                                                                          – We have a protection system of motor oil leaks on the boat.                              – We use mooring buoys                                                                                       – We respect and make people follow the rules                                                    – We do eco-briefings on all of our diving trips                                                      – We take care of our environment, we don’t throw anything in the sea, neither do we feed the fish.

We have implemented the ISO 14001, making ourselves more responsible in the management of resources and residues, reducing the environmental impacts in our activity.

We are collaborates of Longitude 181, the non governmental organisation dedicated to the environment in France, creators of the International Charts of the Responsible Diver.

They have some very active campaigns against the shark sale in our fishmongers (the sharks are sold with other names so that the buyer does not know what he is buying.

We are also a collaborating centre of Blue, an association dedicated to the conservation, study and promotion of the Mediterranean environments.

it also acts in social themes of interest of the Mediterranean ambit.