The 7 most important points when taking care in the mask, snorkel and dive fins

In diving equipment everything has a utility and not least are the fins , mask and diving tube , but what care should we give them to always keep them in good condition?

Rinse it

  • 1

Spraying the mask, tube, and fins with a hose is just the beginning. To make sure all the sand and salt are removed, you should give them a good soak by submerging them in fresh water.

Fix it

  • 2

Inspect all the belts. Stretch them out and look for cracks and small tears. If in doubt, replace them immediately.

  • 3

Does water get into the mask? Look for cracks in the skirt or a crack in the frame near the faceplate. Either problem means it’s time for a switch to a new mask.

  • 4

Don’t let the silicone rest against the neoprene; The silicone will end up fading.

Storing masks, snorkels and fins

  • 5

Protect the mask, tubes and fins from light, heat and fumes as you would with other equipment. Don’t stack heavy objects on top of them.

  • 6

The fins must be flat, not standing on their tips, since the bent tips will remain as if it were “part of the same fins”.

  • 7

Don’t let the silicone rest against the neoprene; it will end up fading.

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