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Before coming to dive in L’Estartit with Xaloc Diving Center

Do you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19?: You should not go to the Diving Center
Have you had COVID-19 ? We remind you that you must make a new medical certificate in which the doctor verifies that you have not been affected by covid-19
Non-divers companions: We must deny them access, to reduce capacity

Xaloc Diving Center measures against COVID-19 at the Reception

In order to avoid the crowding of people in closed spaces and, therefore, the risk of contagion, we will limit the maximum access of our divers to the interior rooms of the center.
The guidelines for action will be the following:
Information and reservations: We will carry out the maximum possible administrative procedures, such as information, inquiries, reservations, sending documentation, etc., prior to the scheduled date of the activity.
To avoid contagion: there will be no information brochure, price list or catalog available to deliver to the customer. Everything will be available online or with QR codes.
The administrative procedures to book:They will be carried out before the arrival of the clients online, in the section of the web page: “Register here”
Important about administrative procedures: the client must fill out online a declaration of responsibility against COVID-19, which is included in the “Register here”
Insurance contracting and payments:For the same reason, the contracting of services, diving insurance and any other product available in advance will be promoted among clients, to minimize the time spent at the reception / office. This will also contribute to better planning of the daily activities of the center, organization of shifts and resources, which results in greater safety for everyone. Likewise, and for the same reason, advance payment by bank transfer will be encouraged.
If you must to do it in person: it will be done through the counter that we have located outside, keeping safe distances.
For reasons of occupational safety of our workers: we require the use of masks when addressing our employees.

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Xaloc Diving Center measures against COVID-19 in the Diving Shop

We will place a removable tape (or similar): we will only accept 6 clients inside at a time, equipped with masks. It will also be mandatory to clean your hands when entering with the hydroalcoholic gel that we have available to customers.
– Payment by credit card is recommended
– We place special emphasis on the convenience of wearing gloves, and the mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gel (which is available in dispensers) and the convenience of minimizing contacts.
– There is no need to worry when trying on a mask or a t-shirt: we will take care of disinfecting it properly.

Xaloc Diving Center measures against COVID-19 in the locker room and bathrooms

Changing rooms: In principle, they will be closed. But, if later the authorities allow its use, we will establish a maximum number of people per changing room, although we will encourage the use of the open spaces of the port to change and equip oneself, in order to reduce the use of changing rooms to the essential minimum.
Showers: during this season the shower service in the Diving Center will be eliminated, prioritizing the shower in the client’s own accommodation.
Bathrooms:one-man access. We will recommend minimal contact with surfaces. Next to the sink we will place an information poster on the protocols for hand washing and disinfection. A disinfectant and disposable paper will also be available for the same customer to clean the surfaces they have used.
We make special emphasis: on the need to use gloves, use of hydroalcoholic gel (which is available in dispensers) and the convenience of minimizing contacts.