Our Diving Center was created in January 1996, by Ramón Siliceo and Mercè Canyet, the creation of a new Center was based on the need that existed in l’Estartit to forget about the prevailing overcrowding in diving, creating a small Center, in which the divers arrived as clients and left as friends

Ramón has an extensive curriculum in the world of diving. He had his first diving certification in 1982. He soon realized the attraction he felt for teaching diving, also starting to work as a diving instructor at a Center in l’Estartit.

After 11 years of experience as an Instructor in Diving Centers and as Director of another center 3 years, and having collected a vast background knowing in depth the diving organizations (PADI Instructor, SSI Instructor, 3 *** FEDAS Instructor, DAN Instructor , HSA Instructor, DSAT Instructor, MFA Instructor, Basic Life Support Instructor …), becomes a PADI Instructor Trainer in both recreational diving (PADI Course Director) and in technical diving (DSAT Instructor Trainer) and in First Aid (EFR Instructor Trainer).

And, at the beginning of 2021… the surprise!… He made a radical change in his professional life, he left PADI because he was no longer convinced by the system and became an SSI Trainer

Mercè, is the “alma mater” of Xaloc, without it very few things would be possible. He manages the purchasing department, takes care of the reception and customer service of the Diving Center and works very hard so that everything works correctly

On what do we base our operation?

We will give you several examples:

We have more than 20 diving areas , some of which are hardly visited by the other Centers in L’Estartit, because they are either too far away for them, or guides are needed to do them. Our areas include the Illes Medes Protected Area and the entire Massís del Montgrí Natural Park. Among these areas there are:

2 wrecks (the “Reggio” and the “Marmolero”)

6 different cave areas, some with large air chambers

8 zones with vertical gorgonian walls.

Several areas considered technically easy and that are perfectly suitable for try dives, courses or for those dives in the afternoon in which it is interesting not to go too deep

Guided dives

This is one of the great secrets of Xaloc. Our divers can always choose to dive accompanied by a guide (instructor or divemaster) from Xaloc Diving Center with great knowledge of all dive sites, which makes each dive pleasant and safe.

Due to our own philosophy of the Diving Center, based more on quality than quantity, we try to avoid as much as possible the crowding points of divers of the big ships of Estartit, except in those cases that the weather prevents us, with what that we choose the dive sites that we consider most appropriate for each moment, based on the level and experience of our divers.

Sustainable tourism

During 2018 we achieved two environmental marks, which we currently retain and which encourage us to work more and better for the environment:
ISO 14001
European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

We participate in 3 projects of the University of Barcelona and we are affiliated with environmental organizations such as Longitude 181, Wildsea, “Adopt a dive site” and Bufalvent.org