Everything has been thought of for our divers. Whether you have your own equipment or not, we have everything prepared in Xaloc to make your experience the best possible.


When you arrive at our Dive Centre you’ll find the reception. The area where you hand in your diving credentials and we will answer any questions you might have

Dive Shop

Next to the reception, we have the dive shop, with accessories, t-shirts sweatshirts, dive computers, and everything else you might need.

Showers and changing room

Right next to the shop we have our changing room and showers.

Rental Equipment de Alquiler

On another premises, we have our rental gear.
Our equipment is mainly Aqualung and we have:
50 neoprene suits
35 Regulators
35 BCDs
50 pairs of fins
And we also have a large number of masks and booties


We shuttle our divers from the Dive Centre to the port and bak in our vans.