For XALOC DIVING CENTER, SL, a company dedicated to diving courses, diving trips, guided immersions and guided snorkeling trips, respect for the environment are priority and recognizable factors in the services it provides to its clients. The principles of our policy are based on respect for the fundamental values ​​of our company, customer satisfaction and the commitment to continuous improvement in our work and environmental management processes. The environmental policy is established and managed by the General Management of the company, the highest management body of XALOC DIVING CENTER, SL.


When it comes to the core values ​​of our company;
· Professional independence.
· Carrying out our activity in a respectful and ethical manner.
· Promotion of responsible and sustainable actions in the field of our activity.
· Commitment to the sustainability of our work and services.
· Continuous education and training of our staff in quality and excellence at work.
· Commitment to meeting the objectives of our clients.

In regards to our professional services;
· Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and their stakeholders, meeting their objectives and developing all our work with the highest quality.
· Maintain confidentiality in our work and in the handling of our clients’ documentation.
· Flexibility and ability to adapt to the work systems and human team of our clients.

Regarding our commitment to quality and the environment;
· Train and involve each worker in respect for the environment.
· Promote and involve the various agents involved, directly or indirectly, in our work in quality and environmental procedures.
· Establish environmental objectives in the work, establishing performance criteria based on the work and ensuring its effective management by monitoring.
· Protect the environment and prevent pollution directly derived from our work, ensuring the safety and well-being of people, reducing the generation of waste and managing its efficiency.
· Scrupulous compliance with current legislation, regulations and applicable requirements, as well as other commitments signed by the company.
· Periodically review the degree of effectiveness of the Management System, in order to detect weak points and be able to adopt the necessary actions, for continuous improvement of our activities and performance in quality and environmental matters.

The direction of the company