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  • 2 Courses Pack: Night Diving + one more to choose from Nitrox os Marine Ecology

    Exploration, Emotion, Experiences

    Any diver is attracted to night diving.
    The SSI Night Diving course improves your techniques as a diver as it teaches you the skills necessary to dive at night in a comfortable and safe way.
    In addition, our packs of 2 combined specialty courses give you a very good option to continue your underwater education but choosing the options that most attract you. You are the one who must decide what to prioritize: nitrox? Marine ecology?

    Who can take this combination of courses?

    These courses are perfect for those Open Water divers or equivalent (SSI, PADI, ACUC, CMAS 1 *, etc.) who want to continue advancing in their training as a diver.
    The requirements to access this course are:
    – Have the aforementioned qualification
    – Logbook (in digital or paper format)
    – You must fill out a medical form (if this is correct, you do not need a medical certificate, but if there is any contraindication to diving, then it will be mandatory to provide a medical certificate of aptitude for diving)
    – Diving accident insurance in force (in the same way, if you do not have one you can hire one directly in Xaloc, cost: € 40 for annual insurance or one daily at € 6 / day)
    – Minimum age: if you opt for a combination that includes Nitrox you must be at least 18 years old. If you choose to combine it with Marine Ecology, you must be at least 15 years old