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Some divers want to join the creme de la creme of recreational diving and you can be there to help them certify them as specialty divers.

With these Specialty Instructor courses you take a step further in your professional training and you will become a more valued person in diving training.

Who can take this course?

The SSI Specialty Instructor Pack of 2 courses are perfect for those SSI Instructors who want to continue advancing in their training as SSI professionals.
The requirements to access this course are:
– Have the SSI Instructor certification
– Be in Active Status
– Have a First Aid diploma or certification of less than 2 years (React Right preferably)
– Medical certificate of less than 1 year (if You do not have one, you can do it directly here in Estartit, since there are medical centers with specialists in underwater medicine)
– Diving accident insurance in force (in the same way, if you do not have one you can hire one directly in Xaloc , cost: € 40 for annual insurance or a daily insurance at € 6 / day)

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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”The Pack of 2 SSI Specialty Instructor courses at Xaloc Diving Center, consists of:” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” sub_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” margin_design_tab_text=””][/ultimate_heading]
A) Practice: complete 2 SSI Diving Specialty Instructor courses

You will do the following SSI Instructor Specialty courses:
– Deep Diving
– First Aid (React Right)

B) Theory

In our classroom we will review the academic presentations of each of the specialties, the specialty instructor manual as well as marketing issues and how to conduct the courses

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” package_link=”url:%2Fproducto%2Fcurso-padi-master-scuba-diver-trainer%2F%3Fadd-to-cart%3D2776|||” button_font_style=”font-weight:bold;”]The price: is per person
The price includes:
– Theory training
– Training in the water
– Instructor pedagogical material for the 2 courses
– SSI certification costs
Participants: minimum 1 person
Available days: every day of the week
Duration: 1 day and 1/2, but is customized based on the availability of the diver
What you should bring: Your complete diving equipment (less cylinder and weights)
Mandatory: medical certificate of less than one year and diving insurance
Additional information : Must be book the dates of the dives by phone or by email in advance[/ultimate_info_table]