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This SSI Specialty Course provides an in-depth and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment, and scuba gear. It is the necessary training for most SSI Diving Professional programs, as well as some Extended Range programs.
Upon completion of this program, you will receive the SSI Science of Diving Specialty certification card.

Who can take this course?

The SSI Science of Diving course is perfect for those divers who want to continue advancing in their theoretical training as a diver.
The requirements to access this course are:
– Have a minimum Open Water qualification or equivalent
– Be at least 10 years old

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Dive theory training

Must read the course topics: physics, physiology, decompression theory, diving equipment and marine life, 12-20 hours of theoretical learning, and complete the assessments.

The system used is completely online, that is to say the SSI digital system – to start immediately. Each person studies at their own pace, through an interactive and easy-to-use program and in the product “give a diving science course” there is no accompaniment from the Diving Center Instructors

At the end of the online course, it is required to take the  course exam

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The price: is per person.
Payment method: as it is a gift, you must pay 100% of the course with your credit card and thus you can download the gift voucher.
How is the course developed?:
1) Theory: Once the person to whom you have given the course has the voucher in their possession, they can contact us and, immediately, they can have access to the course theory, being able to start it at any time
Duration: between 12 and 20 hours of theoretical training
Dives: There are no dives in this course, it is only a training in diving theory